GOP’ers Vow to Fight Marriage Equality



While we all celebrate the huge victory of the Supreme Court decision to allow marriage equality across all states, it’s important not to become complacent — because Republicans across the country are planning how to roll back our rights.

The Guardian wrote a good article about these efforts. Particularly worrisome are the GOP’s efforts to pass so-called “Religious Liberty” bills across the country, which would enable any business owner to discriminate against their costumers, including the LGBT, based on their religious beliefs.

These bills fly in the face of our civil rights. The first amendment already protects the “religious liberty” of all people in the United States, but that doesn’t and has never meant that people can use their religion to discriminate against costumers.

Many Republicans are also ramping up efforts to try to change the constitution — and while that’s all but impossible for them to accomplish, it also means electing a Democrat as President in 2016 will be more important than ever — because one supreme court justice could sway the court’s opinion on marriage equality.

So, everyone, hang onto your hats — and get ready for a bumpy ride. We’re winning the fight for our freedom, but with our success comes conservative blow-back that we must put a stop to so our rights aren’t eroded.

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