BSSD Statement on President’s Transgender Tweets

July 26, 2017

President Trump’s tweeted ban on Transgender People serving in the military.

A tweet does not make policy in the United States. This week’s latest tweet regarding transgendered American’s no longer being able to serve their country is appalling. Every single one of my uncles and my father were servicemen. When I turned 18 years old, I joined the US Army. I joined at a time when you had to sign that you were not gay. This was before “Don’t ask, Don’t Tell.” In that split second, as I was being handed the paperwork, I decided that my country came first. I became an airborne flight medic over my 8 years of service to my country. Being gay did not in any way make me a disloyal to my nation or our citizens of the United States. It emboldened me to continue to strive to succeed in all my endeavors.

Transgendered service personnel are equally as honorable and patriotic as I was. They wake up in the early morning while most of us are still dreaming and start their day. They dawn their uniforms with pride and await the orders of their President to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of American. I hope and pray that my brothers and sisters in arms will stand by their fellow soldiers and defend their right to serve and protect our nation.

Statement by Harold A. Licon Jr
Bay State Stone Wall Democrats
Board Member

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